The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The second edition of The World Week of Italian Cuisine at Italian Consulate

It is that time of the year when Italy woos gastronomes across the globe with its cuisine. The World Week of Italian Cuisine is celebrated in the countries where Italy has a consular presence. This year’s is the second edition (the first one was known as The First Week of Italian Cuisine and you may see the post on it on this blog here)

My sincere gratitude to the honourable consululate general Mr Damiano Francovigh for the invitation to the inaugural party at the consulate like last November.

I reached the Italian consulate in Alipore around 7.30 pm and found the Consulate General and his team greeting the guests at the entrance. The team found me out on the guest list and told me to go in. The party was in full swing at the large lawn. The guest list had the creme de la creme of Kolkata.

Seven star hotels were showcasing their special menu in a stall each helmed by their resident Italian chefs. in order of appearance, there were HHI ( Chef Marialuisa Lovari), Swissotel (Chef Enrico Bricarello), Taj Bengal (Chef Giovanni Poretto), Novotel (Chef Andrea Misseri), The Oberoi Grand (Chef Mariagiustina Campagna), Hyatt Regency (Chef Mauro Ferrari) and ITC Sonar (Chef Vittorio Greco).

Here’s what I liked:
I started from the very first stall- HHI. The smoked salmon was good. It was served in normal temperature and had a subtle taste with some creaminess. The Lamb Pepperoni (Thin, round slices) was good too.

Smoked Salmon

The Consulate General addressed the guests at this juncture and said that the week was a celebration of Italian cuisine all over the world to raise awareness about it. He named the hotels and the chefs who were present and informed that the same food would be available in the hotels over the following fortnight.

Italian Consululate General Mr Damiano Francovigh

The drinks counter was serving a fine selection of wines. Since I’m not a wine person, I chose to skip it.

Moved to the Taj Bengal stall and tried the lamb stew. They served it with a pulao. The stew bowled me over! Its taste was richer than a stew yet not spicy. The tender, well-marinated lamb chunks cooked with the vegetables was an ideal dish for the pleasant autumn evening. I have never been attracted to risotto but I liked the vegetable verson and the seafood risotto was lovely (with tiny chunks of seafood and made with stock). Both were being cooked on the spot and served right from the oven.

I met Chef Vittorio Greco at the ITC Sonar stall and told him that I had loved his poached fish last year in the same event (you can read about it in the post on this blog here). He said he remembered me (!) and served me his fish preparation of this year. Personally speaking, it was not bad and was subtly flavoured but that it was cooked with tomato, thus didn't appeal to my palate.

I met food blogger friends Indrajit Lahiri and Debjani Chatterjee Alam. Indrajit showed us his discovery- a fatty pork dish from the ITC Sonar stall. I had a spoon of it and went back to the stall just for it. The baked pork with almost a 50:50 fat to meat ratio in some cuts (and I precisely picked the fatty cut) was a delight and chef Greco’s magic made it the showstopper of the evening for me. The poached fish I talked about was the best dish for me in last year’s edition.

Baked Pork

The chicken liver puree at the Novotel’s stall was a bit bitter to start with, but its rich flavour took over soon. It was one of the new types of dish discovered.

Another puree caught my fancy. None of  the chicken dishes tasted thus far had scored with me (like Chicken Bon Bon with Onion Sauce, Chicken ball with parmesan) but the chicken breast on top of a cauliflower puree at the Hyatt stall was made flavoursome for the delicious puree.

Potato Stuffing Chicken Breast in Cauliflower Puree

I wrapped up the night with the the tiramisu from the Oberoi Grand stall which served only desserts. The tiramisu didn't turn out well. I missed the cheesy flavours. But the dense chocolate cake that I took just before made up for a sweet ending.

#WorldWeekofItalianCuisine #ItalianFood #ItalianCuisine #Pork #Risotto #Lamb

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Birthday, Ms Honeybee!

Here’s wishing Ms Honeybee many happy returns of the day from the core of my heart! She has been helluva fun and a steady source of weekly entertainment. I am fond of her sharp wit.

Well, Ms Honeybee is officially a weekly cinema gossip column featured on the backpage of Calcutta Times, the daily supplement of the Times of India, on Sundays. It is one wicked pleasure that I am sure many don’t wish to miss in the daily dope of entertainment news. Now, as any reader of the column  knows what is mostly seen in the column is actually insider information of the Bangla cinema industry that is not fit to be published in byline news/ features. So, it’s dope for those seeking interesting trivia and juicy, intimate nuggets of information from the industry. It sometimes breaks news too. Like it has informed of a star kid who would possibly be cast in the lead role in a big period piece helmed by a leading director and scheduled to release next Puja.

So, you get to know about projects before the media brings it to you, the real picture of the box office of big movies, the show of might of a big producer, how warm the vibes of Bengal’s hottest star pair actually are etc apart from the familiar dose of industry romances.

What the readers surely enjoy is the straightforwardness of Ms Honeybee. She doesn't hint at persons but takes names, unlike other gossip columns where the readers keep figuring out, often with struggle, who is what from the hints. There is one exception but, a mighty industry mogul, whom she refers to as ‘He who must not be named’.

I once shocked a friend of mine who runs a leading theatre in Behala with the precise information of which show of a new Bengali release was cancelled in his theatre, gathered from you know where.

Ms Honeybee has been wished by big stars on her special day and you know what? Reading that was as much fun as reading the column. The wishes separates the men from the boys and women from the girls. Ms Honeybee hardly spares anyone, so all have had a taste of her sting. Now, some have taken it in their stride and wished her well, like Birsa, Srijit, Jeet and Rituparna. But some have made it apparent that they have found her sting a bit too much to handle at times by requesting her to check facts before writing or that her gossip was baseless at times. They include Dev, Raj Chakraborty, Nusrat and Mimi. To me, Birsa’s quip takes the cake, which states, “Bob like a beetle, tittle to the tee/ Oh my quirky, zany Honeybee.” Also liked the pun-loving Srijit saying “Honeybee ‘hani karok’ noy, borong mishti. In months to come, I wish to read more interesting trivia from her.”

Before signing off, let me put down which wish made for a ROFL moment for me. It’s Dev’s, who has requested her to check the ‘authenticity’ of the ‘news’ as “Not every gossip is true”.

#MsHoneybee #BanglaCinema #Tollygunge

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Kolkata pice hotel trail part 1- Hotel Sidheshwari Ashram

Love on a banana leaf!

In the age where we indulge in the choicest Bengali food in fancy Bengali cuisine restaurants, some eateries, tucked into the lanes and alleys of the old Kolkata, have been silently serving lipsmacking traditional food for ages. Known as pice hotels, they serve good old basic meals, minus any frills, to the common man at honest prices in a humble ambience.

According to Arun Deb who runs Tarun Niketan, the popular pice hotel near Rashbehari, which is more than hundred years old, ‘Pice hotel’ means a customer needs to pay for everything other than the steel plate, the salt served on it and the water in stainless steel tumbler. Even a piece of banana leaf, if a customer demands getting the food served on it (as it is done traditionally), has a small price. ‘Paisa’ or ‘Pice’ in English was the smallest currency in the British era when such eateries possibly started. So, it meant, one had to pay in pice for everything in those eateries and thus these places started being known as ‘Pice hotel’.

Without this kind of eateries, one’s search for Bengali food in Kolkata will remain incomplete and if a visitor wants to eat Bengali food in real local style, the destination is a pice hotel, not a fancy Bengali cuisine restaurant. Also, pice hotels are part of the soul of Kolkata. So if you wish to feel it, you may go to one.

I first read about Hotel Sidheshwari Ashram in my Facebook food group Calcutta Foodies Club in an extensive post, then in friends’ blog posts and Instagram posts. So, it was on the wishlist for a long time. Finally it got ticked as I visited this ninety two-year old popular pice hotel on a recent Saturday for lunch with two enthusiastic colleagues. What I felt after the meal is encapsulated in the opening line.

It’s located in Janbazar in central Kolkata. If you walk down SN Banerjee from from KMC/ Elite cinema bus stop towards Sealdah, after a few minutes, you shall see Hotel Aura on the right in a four-point crossing. Turn right and keep an eye on the left. After a few shops, mostly selling spices (it’s a spice market), you shall find its narrow entrance. Go straight to the first floor.

What will welcome you, much to your surprise (if you aren’t familiar to a pice hotel), is the menu board. Yes, prices are written in chalk as per availability of dishes which is dependent on the availability of the main ingredients and their prices on a given day. It means if a particular fish wasn’t available in the market that day, or its price had shot up much, the price of its dish would ke kept blank on the board. So, don’t make the mistake of asking for the menu card. It’s all there on the board only. It’s a place for the common man on the road. Customers sit on benches, not chairs, and share tables with rank strangers. Don’t be surprised if you find a cat staring at your fish from the window and don’t bother either.

I much preferred to sit right there as for me it was not just the food but the ambience to soak in, but on that day we had a lady among us and she wasn’t feeling comfortable sharing the table with a stranger, so we moved to the small AC section (seating ten people) which they have started in recent years for ‘sophisticated’ customers.They charge 20% extra on the bill for dining there, which we found to be fair given the down-to-earth prices.

We ordered fine rice, thick dal (they have basic versions of both at lower prices but don’t go for them), jhuri alubhaja (fried, crunchy potato slivers) and Rui Kawsha (Rohu fish curry in thick gravy) for all. Mocha Chingdi and mango chutney were also ordered which we shared. The food was served on a banana leaf in traditional Bengali style and water was served in ‘bhnaars’ (earthen cup).

The food was finger-licking good! Prices were down-to-earth and some items were surprisingly cheap, like the dal and alu bhaja. The portion sizes were good- the alu bhaja will suffice for two, so will be the Mocha Chingdi. The fish was a ‘peti’ for me (stomach- the most covetable serving of fish) and man, it was a jaw-dropping size (see the picture below). The common order (Rice, dal, alubhaja and the fish dish) cost just Rs 91 each approximately (other than the 20% load for AC section).

The giant portion of fish

After the meal is over, don’t ask for the bill. Head for the cash counter where the waiting staff will recall the dishes ordered and the cashier will put the prices of each in boxes on a sheet of paper on a clipboard, then sum up and tell you the amount. You can tip the service staff right there.

Unlike a pice hotel, it is open in the evening too. And it’s open all days a year.

It's surely a hidden gem and I have to go back there to explore more. Certainly for the mutton curry which fetches many good words.

I hope to visit some more pice hotels on my wishlist soon which will see the 'The Kolkata pice hotel trail' going.

#PiceHotel #BengaliCuisine #BengaliMeal #BengaliFood #BengaliFoodKolkata

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Pujo Diaries 2017

Here's a trail of Pujo (as Durga Puja or Puja is commonly known) which was celebrated in September 2017 in Kolkata.

This pandal (marquee) in Telengabagan which is a popular puja of north Kolkata. Theme puja (Pandal and idols of goddess Durga and her four children are designed following a theme) rules these days pushing the traditional puja to sidelines. The theme of this puja was child labour.

The interior of the Telengabagan puja (below).

The themed idol of goddess and her children in the Telengabagan puja. This reflects the current trend of idols of goddess Durga and her children.

A unique Durga idol with nine hands on one side, in Shnurir Bagan puja, north Kolkata.

Kobirajbagan Sarbojonin puja with the ship-themed pandal.

A classical Durga idol. A rarity in big pujas now.

A peek into the suburbs now. The book-fair-themed pandal of Shitala Mandir Samaj, Barrackpore, in north suburbs of Kolkata.

A tribal village has been recreated in a Barrackpore puja.

A jamindar's mansion has been recreated as the pandal in a popular puja in Barrackpore.

Live human models in the above-mentioned pujo.They stayed still for hours on end.

A swan-themed pandal in a puja in Ichhapur (north suburbs).

The idol of the above-mentioned puja. There's a certain playfulness in the design.

The classical war goddess avatar of Durga which is a personal favourite. It's a rare kind of idol these days. This one is at College Sqaure puja which has been blissfully defying the trend.....thankfully.

The houses in the locality are sometimes included in the pandal design  of a theme puja. This one is at the Nalin Sarkar Street puja (north Kolkata)

An art installation on the theme of an asylum in the Nalin Sarkar Street puja.

Kumari Puja on Ashtami day is another ritual which is followed in the Ramakrishna Mission centres. A young girl is selected for worship. This one is at Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission of Barrackpore (which, though shares the same ideology, is a breakaway of the famous institution).

The roads get dressed up, too. This is Hatibagan Sarbojonin puja (north Kolkata).

I like the creativity of Hatibagan Sarbojonin and this year was no exception. The theme was 'Birds'. The design with cages and small wooden birds all around with their chirp as background music created a world of its own.

Chandelier is a tradition of puja pandals. Various pujas flaunt big, majestic chandeliers.

The Kashi Bose Lane puja (north Kolkata) was on the theme of evolution of music. The transistor radio and tape deck took back to the old times.

A small instance of the puja craze would be this. A small part of the queue for the Santosh Mitra Square puja (central Kolkata) past midnight.

Sindur Khela- the send-off ritual of the goddess on the last day- Dashami.

After the round of smearing the goddess with sindur (vermilion) is done with, it's time to do the same to each other among women (originally meant for married women).

The vermilion brings out a rare kind of feminine beauty .

'Sindur Khela' is equally popular among young and unmarried women now for its fashion quotient. Media photographers get them to pose for their 'Dashami' work.

Finally, Bhasan/ Bishorjon or biding the goddess adieu. Its immersion of the idol in the river.

Though a painful moment, bishorjon is obesrved with much fanfare. And free-flowing 'bhasan dance' to the beats of dhaak is a popular subculture.

I was lucky to witness this classical form of bishorjon. The idol is balanced on the edge of two boats and several rounds are done before the boats move away from one another.

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Friday, October 06, 2017

Film review: Projapoti Biskut

Language- Bengali
Cast- Aditya Sengupta (debut), Ishaa Saha (debut), Aparajita Auddy, Shantilal Mukhopadhyay, Sonali Gupta, Rajat Ganguly, Kheya Chattopadhyay and others.
Director- Anindya Chattopadhyay
Release date- 22nd September 2017

What makes the premise of Projapoti Biskut interesting is Anindya’s choice of subject. A love story of two incompatible persons in an arranged marriage is fresh and brave too as it’s hard to evoke interest of audience familiar with love stories ending in marriage. This brought an amount of curiosity about his second film after the successful coming-of-age flick Open Tee Bioscope in January 2015.

It tells the story of Antor, a gawky, plain-looking, reserved young man who is the younger son of a bonedi household of old south Kolkata (Bhowanipore). Shaon, with whom he is married for more than two years is from a humble middle class family from Howrah with not-so-educated parents. The much-needed bonding is missing from their life and at a point of time under influence of family they start thinking that a child will set everything right. How their relationship evolves from this point is what the film is about.

Anindya Chattopadhyay has made a simple film weaving in a generous amount of Bangaliyana that we are sorely missing in today's Bangla cinema. The ‘Kartik phela’ (Dropping an idol of lord Kartik at the door of a home with a couple yet to have a child) is a forgotten practice these days and this film has entwined it with the storyline beautifully. The film explores a relationship without relying on a narrative style. The two families connected by marriage are chalk and cheese and this contrast has been established through various traits and situations. The characters are etched well, so is the crisis of a childless couple and the respective medical treatment. Love doesn't bloom between the introvert and indecisive husband who had had a failed relationship before marriage and the forlorn wife who feels claustrophobic in her new home. Shaon’s character is especially well-written, bringing out the two phases- firstly when she is a loner in Antor’s house, then when she decides to stay in her parents’ house and starts following her heart- equally well. She tells her husband that she was a shajano bou (puppet wife) in his family where she even lost her own name Sraboni and became Shaon at the behest of her mother-in-law who calls the shots in the family as she hadn’t found the former name classy. Antor’s character, I have felt, is straight-jacketed to some extent and his inner space, his longing for love was left rather unexplored. In fact, the unsaid mutual craving for each other hasn't really come through. The gem of a song Tomake bujhina priyo brilliantly sung by Chandrani fell somewhat out of place for this. Anindya has created nice moments of the other interpersonal relationships, like Shaon and her father-in-law indulging in Bengali TV soaps secretly and conversations between Shaon and Antor's niece. The film also has a generous sprinkle of Anindya’s  trademark humour and the one-liners elicit chuckle.

Source: A song from the film on YouTube

All the actors, including those in bit roles, are well cast and that has helped the director tremendously. It was very wise of director-turned-producer Shiboprosad Mukhopadhyay to insist on new faces in the lead as because of that we, the audience, found the protagonists so believable. Sonali Gupta was spot on for the role of the elitist, Rabindrasangeet-devoted mother of Antor physically as well as behaviourally. Newcomer Kheya Chattopadhyay is impressive as Shaon’s friend- the free-spirited Parijaat who was her only window of life. Rajatava (Antor’s boss) has been deservingly trusted with some killer comic punches. Aparajita and Shantilal (Shaon’s parents) bring out the nuances of a couple of a lower middle class family from that side of Hooghly. Arghyakamal Mitra, Shibashis Bandopadhyay and Abhijit Guha do justice to their bit roles (The first two were pleasant surprise). The child actor playing Antor’s niece was good too and due credit goes to Anindya as it’s not easy to make children believable on screen.

Debutante Ishaa Saha shines the brightest for bringing out Shaon/Sraboni through flawless expressions in all the shades. She is a revelation in the second half.

Source: A song from the film on YouTube

Aditya Sengupta, who has acting in his genes (from mother's side), excels as the indecisive and introvert Antor in his debut act but his promise is constrained by his characterization. Given the right roles, Ishaa will go far. Aditya aspires to be a director not actor and has studied abroad for it.

Source: A song from the film on YouTube

Music is a strength of this film and all the songs, from the humorous title track to Projapoti mon that plays with the end credits are written, composed (by Shantanu Moitra, Prosen, Anindya and Anupam) and sung well. A special mention must go to Ahare mon (Written, composed and sung by Anupam) which is undoubtedly part of Anupam's best work and of course to Prosen and Ritam Sen (lyricist) for the sublime romantic track Tomake bujhina priyo which is in a league of its own.

Parts of the first half dragged as Rajatava’s comic punches and Antor’s diabetic father's secret trips to the local sweet shop kept coming back. A director needs these fillers more when the story is not progressing. Also Shantilal’s comic track turned a little predictable with time. It’s in the second half when the projapoti gets wings as Shaon and Antor follow their hearts and experiment with life.

To sum up, a simple and unusual love story which is unmistakably Bengali at heart.

#ProjapotiBiskut #BanglaCinema #BengaliCinema

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

The take on Chhaya O Chhobi

প্রিয় সিনেমাওয়ালা

আপনার ছবি দেখা স্বভাবে পরিণত হয়েছে। আর 'সিনেমাওয়ালা' ছবিটার পর আপনাকে এই নামেই ডাকি। পরাণবাবুর প্রতিভার ব‍্যাপারে ওয়াকিবহাল ছিলাম, কিন্তু ঐ পালিশ করা পুরনো সোনার ঝলকানি এর আগে যে এমনভাবে দেখিনি। সাম্প্রতিক বাংলা সিনেমার প্রতি ভরসা বাড়িয়ে দেয় অমন একটা ছবি।

এক তরুণ পরিচালক সম্প্রতি আপনার মূল্যায়ন  করেছেন, "...দারুন দারুন আইডিয়া নিয়ে কাজ করেন কিন্তু সবসময় সেই আইডিয়া থেকে ভাল গল্প বলেন না।" জানেন, 'বিসর্জন' দেখে ভাল লাগলেও সেই তৃপ্তিটা পাইনি, কিন্তু কাল 'ছায়া ও ছবি' দেখে ঐ কথাটার সাথে একমত হতেই হচ্ছে যে, সিনেমাওয়ালা। বিসর্জনেও তো দুর্বল গল্প জয়ার মত মারকাটারি ব‍্যাটসম‍্যান নিয়ে আর নিজে ব‍্যাট করে উতরে দিতে হল। আপনার মত অভিনেতা নিংসন্দেহে টালিগঞ্জে দুর্লভ।

জানি, আপনাকে জীবিকানির্বাহের জন্য বছরে দুটো ছবি করতেই হয়। কিন্তু এখন মনে হচ্ছে না করতে হলেই ভাল হত। একটাই করলে আরো যত্ন নিয়ে করতে পারতেন। এক ছবির কাজ শেষ না করেই আরেকটা ধরে ফেলতে হত না।

ভাল যা লেগেছে আগে বলে নিই। কোয়েল কেরিয়ারের সেরা কাজ করেছেন এই ছবিতে, যেটার আকাঙ্খায় ওনার এই ছবি করা। সুপারস্টার রাই চ‍্যাটার্জি আর কাকেই বা মানাত? বয়স চেহারায় ছাপ ফেলছে, কেরিয়ারের এই পর্যায়ে এসে কোয়েল আর রাইয়ের ভাবনা ঐ লাইনটায় মিলে যায়- "ছবিতো অনেক হল, এবার সিনেমা করতে চাই"। 

Source: Chhaya O Chhobi trailer on YouTube

ঋত্বিক দারুণ! উনি দলের সেরা ব‍্যাটসম‍্যান, প্রত্যাশা বেশি, আর সেটা পূরণ করার মত চরিত্রও লিখেছেন আপনি।

Source: Chhaya O Chhobi trailer on YouTube

চূর্ণী.....কি আর বলব....এই রোলটা ওনাকে মনে রেখেই লেখা বোঝাই যায়, আর মায়া হয়ে উনিও অভিনয়ের মায়াজাল বুনেছেন। বাংলা সিনেমায় ওনার মত ক্ষমতাশালী অভিনেত্রীর জন্য রোল লেখা হয়না, এটা আমাদের, দর্শকদেরই অপ্রাপ্তি।

Source: Chhaya O Chhobi trailer on YouTube

প্রিয়াঙ্কা প্রতিভাময়ী অভিনেত্রী এবং দুঃখের বিষয়, প্রায়ই ওনার ক্ষমতার চেয়ে ছোট মাপের রোলে ওনাকে ফিট করতে হয়। তবে মৌ ঠিক ওনার মাপে কাটা, তাই ঝলমল করেছেন।

Source: Chhaya O Chhobi trailer on YouTube

তবে আবির কিন্তু স্টার অরিন্দম হয়ে উঠতে পারেননি, তা সে ওনাকে যতই সুন্দর দেখাক। উনি আর আপনি দুজনেই কি ভুলে গেছিলেন যে অরিন্দম মেনস্ট্রিম ছবির স্টার, চলনেবলনে সেটাই হয়ে উঠতে হবে, খামতি হলে চলবে না? এই ছবির সংলাপ ধরেই বলতে হচ্ছে, "A star is a star is a star".....and not everybody can be a star on screen. আর আবির-কোয়েলের কেমিস্ট্রি বড়ই হতাশ করল। মানে কিছুই হলনা আর কি। অথচ ছবিটা দাঁড়ানোর জন্য ওটার বড় প্রয়োজন ছিল।

গল্পটার সম্ভাবনা ছিল, কিন্তু ঠিক দানা বেঁধে উঠলোনা।  দুটৌ গানতো একেবারেই আরোপিত। নায়িকা খামখেয়ালি হতে পারেন, তা বলে পাহাড়ি রাস্তায় চলা গাড়ির মাথায় বসে গান! গানটা সুন্দর এবং মজার, কিন্তু মনে হচ্ছিল, এটা কৌশিক গাঙ্গুলির ছবি দেখছি তো! 'ছেঁড়া ড্রইং খাতা'ও তাই। বড় ভাল গান, কিন্তু ঐ টেনশনের মূহুর্তে! 'একলা আকাশ'ও ভাল গান নিয়ে ঠিক মেনস্ট্রিম ছবির মত একটা আপোস। আর অত খারাপ একটা স্বপ্নদৃশ‍্য শেষ কবে দেখেছি মনে পড়ে না। আবার মনে হচ্ছিল, এটা সিনেমাওয়ালার ছবি!

একটা দৃশ্যে জিতু (ঋত্বিক) দুএক ঢোঁক পানের অনুমতি চাইছে রাইয়ের কাছে কারণ তার মত পাহাড়ের মানুষেরও হোটেলের বাইরেটা ভীষণ ঠান্ডা লাগছে। অথচ তাঁর জামার হাতা গোটানো। আর হাফ জ‍্যাকেট পড়ে ত়াঁর হাবভাবে ঠান্ডা বোঝা গেলনা। এরকম ডিটেলিংয়ে ফাঁক আপনার ছবিতে দেখেছি কি? ঋত্বিককে সার্চ করার মত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ দৃশ্যে কন্টিনিউটি গ‍্যাপও আছে।

বাংলা ছবিতে এখন রোম‍্যান্সের বড় অভাব, সেটা  সামান্য পূরণ করল ছবির শেষটা। এটার জন্য আপনাকে আন্তরিক ধন্যবাদ। ফ্রিজ ফ্রেমটা বহুদিন মনে থাকবে। কিন্তু শেষ ওভারে খুব ভাল ব‍্যাট করেও টার্গেটের কাছাকাছি পৌঁছনো গেলনা।

আত্মতুষ্টি পরিচালকের এবং চিত্রনাট্যকারের বড় কাঁটা। আর যেহেতু এই কাঁটা নিজের মনেই অজান্তে তৈরি হয়, একে ঠিক সময়ে চেনা সহজ নয়। এই ছবিতে ঐ কাঁটাটাই বারবার বিঁধল।

তবে আপনি অত্যন্ত বুদ্ধিমান, বিচক্ষন পরিচালক। আপনি ফর্মে ফিরতে দেরি করবেন না, সে ভরসা আছে।

ভাল থাকবেন সিনেমাওয়ালা। ভাল করে ভাববেন। পাশে আছি।

আপনার ছবির একনিষ্ঠ এক দর্শক

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