The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
Kolkata Maidan- The lungs of the city. Lovingly shot by Arindam Patra.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A celeb-studded affair

While I was looking for the way to the entrance of the building which was the venue of Bangla Telefilm Club's (BTC) third screening on Sunday 8 July, I saw celebrities pouring in thick- Rishi Kaushik (Looking dashing as on screen- small or big, in a body-fit black tee and jeans), Aparajita Ghosh Das, Barun Chanda (Whose claim to fame is the hero of Ray's Seemabaddha) and Rajatava Dutta.

Inside volunteering members were busing enrolling new members. A good number of patrons became members. A leaflet briefing BTC and its partners were being circulated. I spotted more from the television industry among those present and stepping in- director duo Sudeshna Roy-Abhijit Guha, director Tathagata Banerjee (The other half of this duo Anindya Ghosh came a little later), actor Nitya Ganguly and singer-actor Monali Thakur. Rana Basu Thakur, a senior marketing pro in Reliance Mobile, also known for his creative pursuits which includes was present too. He is also part of BTC's creative committee.In the brief introduction by the official spokesperson Tanmoy (Being a RJ on the move he merits the job almost by default) the new supporters of BTC- The Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Eisenstein Cine Club (One of Kolkata's oldest film clubs) and OurDreamz Cine-Works and the new blog partner Kolkata Curry (In the age of media partners possibly for the first time someone went a step ahead and thought of a blog partner) were acknowledged and the creative committee of BTC was announced. The commitee boasts of well-known names like Kaushik Ganguly and Raja Sen, besides Anindo Bandopadhyay, Atanu Ghosh, Anindya Ghosh, and Rana Basu Thakur. Post a short film called Ek Din by Sudipta Banerjee, the screening of the day's telefilm, Daho, a comic thriller by Anindya Banerjee started. It was aired on Zee Bangla.

The telefilm was enjoyed by many, as evident by members with full-blown praise in the post-screening interactive session attended by director Anindo Bandopadhyay, cast members Rajatava, Nitya Ganguly, script-writer Anuja Chattopadhyay, assistant director Deboleena Dutta ( Better known as an actor) and cinematographer PB Chaki. Barun Chanda broke the ice by enquiring about the twist at the end of the tele. He encouraged Anindo to look for greener pasture in big screen as he believed the director was qualified for it. Anindo shared how the idea of the tele was born in an adda (Chat session) at a tea stall outside a studio. Rajatava spoke about his interpretation of the character played by him.

The visitors' book recorded many entries full of appreciation at the end. Looking forward to the fourth outing of BTC in a grander manner.
Pictures above: 1.Rajatava Dutta and PB Chaki, 2. Aparajita Ghosh Das and Rishi Kaushik, 3. From left- Anindya Banerjee and Anuja Chattopadhyay, and from right- Deboleena Dutta and PB Chaki in the interactive session, 4. Barun Chanda.