The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
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Monday, March 07, 2016

The Spring-Summer Collection 2016 from Turtle

February saw the release of the Spring Summer collection from Turtle, one of the prominent men’s fashion brands in India. After its 2015 theme ‘Slow up’ (That is looking back at life in our fast-paced lifestyle), the brand takes a product-focused route this season to highlight its key ranges.

Here’s Kolkata Curry taking you through the lookbook of the collection which is based on what’s trending now. The highlights set by the brand’s design studio are bright colours, cool tones, playful, street-friendly patterns and bold textures balancing out subtle shades.

Playful with print

The range that came out in February was ‘Prints’. Printed shirts are eternally in casual fashion and the brand foresees it trending this season. It’s a great companion for a casual evening with friends or a summer invitation to someone’s place. Turtle has laid out its offering in subtle to exotic patterns on cotton, linen and Khadi in all-over and hybrid styles. In regular and chic band collar.

Unwinding after work in a twilight blue printed shirt hung loosely over rolled up black trousers. Sounds cool?

Now consider this dandy look with a printed black satin shirt in Ombre. Complete it with form-fitting black trousers and oxfords.

Wish to stand out amid your conventionally fashionable or boringly dressed peers and friends? Think printed tees. Pair it with the right bottoms/ trousers and carry it with confidence. For example, this all-over bird print tee, worn with cotton stretch joggers and hiking boots.

Turtle has prints in formal shirts too. Consider this pristine white base subtle print. If you are bored with plains and stripes at work, this comes to your style rescue.

March sees the indigo/denim range hitting the shelves. The brand offers a fashionable shirt collection of washed, engineered and naturally died textures in stripes, prints and plains.

The denim trousers range has wasted, distressed, structured and engineered styles in iconic washes and shades. Since the jeans range in Turtle has never really made a noise, I’m looking forward to this collection.

Play around with Khaki
The fashion forecast for the season has khaki as the runway favourite. Come April and Turtle plans to load the shelves with not three or four but seven handpicked shades of khaki- in stone, ochre, grey, white, sand and earthy to let you be boho chic. Work or off work, khaki can be your regular companion.

Think summer and linen comes to mind. As expected, the brand has laid out its linen range of shirts & trousers with cool, colourful and comfort shades which will be available in May.

This shirt in a pastel shade of pink is a classic linen pick and makes you effortlessly fashionable in the day.

Who says layering is not for summer? Consider this summery layered look: A powder blue printed linen gilet worn over a band-collared beige Khadi shirt paired with light grey linen trousers with a summer scarf wrapped around. Carried well, it can take your style quotient several notches up.                

Stand out with Khadi

I consider one of Turtle’s USPs to be the Khadi collection. It will be the last in the spring summer collection to hit the shelves (in June). Turtle is trying to redefine the low-profile Indian fabric by taking it to the fashion highway. Did you know that when it’s summer at its harshest, especially the humidity hitting the highest numbers, khadi can be your best bet in comfortt? This handspun, rough-textured fabric is known as the ultimate airy and eco-friendly fabric that will bring you the much needed relief in the most demanding summer. To top it you can take pride in wearing a truly Indian fabric. The Turtle khadi collection will sport a long range of stylish colours with natty prints and smart cuts. Give khadi a shot in your style statement this summer and become the trendsetter in your friend and social circles. Post selfies wearing cool Khadi shades in your social media channels.

For a detailed look at the collection, or shopping online, visit the Turtle website . You may also check out its Facebook page or Twitter handle for updates. 

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