The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The music of Shaheb Bibi Golaam

The 26th August release directed by film critic-turned-director Pratim D Gupta is pegged as a musical thriller. Music plays a big role and helps tell the story is what Pratim has let out. The songs have been releasing on social media one by one, starting with Mon bhalo nei by Anupam who has also scored the film and written the lyrics. Here is my take on the music album on the new label Amara Muzik (which has also released the music of Bastushaap and Praktan).

The sound is very urban and western with a techno feel- something very fresh from Anupam in my experience. The orchestration has generous use of keyboard, guitar and drums.

Mon bhalo nei is a romantic number sung in Anupam’s inimitable style. If you know his writing, you shall note his signature right from the beginning- Kothay chhile saat shawkale/ Tomaay khujchhe kawler jawl. The song didn’t make a mark on me the first time but slowly grew on me. Anupam’s satin smooth voice brings out the melancholy in the right degree. The orchestration is pacy, giving the song a fresh feel as a sad romantic number.

Tomar ki naam is an unadulterated romantic track sung by Shreya. The deep-rooted emotion in her voice hardly fails to charm and it has done complete justice to this number. The track has some captivating drum beats.

Ghorir kantar moto has the enamoring voice of Tanya Sen. It echoes the monotony, loneliness and frustration of the character on whom it is picturised. There is an impressive verve and an unmistakable urbanity in Tanya’s voice and I think she merits being heard more on playback. The orchestration gets edgy keeping with the mood.

Tomar shawhorey is a musical coup achieved where Anjan Dutt has sung for another composer (Anupam) for the first time. The lyric and singing of this song of optimism remind of vintage Anjan in the nineties. It ends with zippy drum beats.

The album also features two instrumental pieces- Jimmy’s theme and Jaya’s theme- composed, arranged and programmed by noted musician Neel Adhikari. The former is simple and pacy and suits the character. Anjan Dutt plays Jimmy, one of the three protagonists (denoting Shaheb) in the film and Swastika plays Jaya (Biwi)- another of the trio.

The album is priced Rs 100 and available in music stores.

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