The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The sensational Sens

For long I wanted to write on the sensational Sen family of Kolkata, that has made a mark in tinsel town generation after generation. Making an impromptu beginning here with the content of a mail I shot to t2. It's my brief take on what I like about them.

Suchitra Sen: Beauty, grace, poise, carriage, gravity. She didn't unlock her true acting potential and chose to stay within a stereotype that changed with time and her maturity.

Moon Moon Sen: Glamour (the true embodiment of the word in the history of Bengali cinema), sex appeal, carriage. She never took the craft of acting seriously and flowed with the wave. It has always been her glamour and sex appeal that have been cultivated by the Bengali cinema audience and her acting skill hasn’t found much favour. Her true potential hasn't really been tapped. To be honest she even took her looks for granted and didn’t put in as much hard work for maintaining it as required despite being an actress in mainstream cinema.

Raima Sen: She's inherited her grandma's grace and poise. She's beautiful and charming. She's taken her craft seriously and is pursuing her career with focus. She's lucky too in getting the early breaks (Godmother, Chokher Bali) and getting noticed through them.

Riya Sen: Characteristically she’s closer to her mom than her sibling. She has inherited Moon Moon’s glamour and sex appeal. She hasn’t shown a keen interest in acting so far (Abahoman and Noukadubi can’t be discussed as they are yet to release) and has leveraged her looks in a focused manner. Unlike her mom she seems to work hard in maintaining it.

(Pictures top to bottom: Suchitra Sen, Moon Moon Sen, Raima Sen, Ria Sen)


  1. The fact that the Sens are hailed as Bangla cinema's royalty is all because of Suchitra Sen, who has been able to create a benchmark for herself that is unsurpassable even in dreams. All because of the dignified stance, the gravity, the self-seclusion, and the distancing associated with 'Madam' Sen.

    MoonMoon Sen, her daughter, has much of her mother's good looks, but has been an under-achiever, largely because of not having seriously pursued acting as a career.

    The grand-daughters, Riya & Raima, still have a long way to go, to be really written about in terms of being true inheritors of a grand lineage!

    I must thank my dear friend, Anirban, for this post which seeks to bring into light the beauty of the Sens - the three generations of them.
    The beautiful pictures do a lot of talking on their own, as beauty is best celebrated visually!

  2. What about the controversies? The Sen family is incomplete without them!


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