The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A 'fan'tasy coming true

Came across this intersting happening from the scrap of an Orkut fried. Ekhane Akash Neel, the mega serial on Star Jalsha starring Rishi Kaushik (He spells his name 'numerologically' touched Rrishii but) and Aparajita Ghosh Das in the lead, has given birth to a big and highly active Orkut community. The fantasy of 50 fans (off 504 members on last count) came alive on an invitation from Dr Kausani Sarkar of Tulip Nursing Home straight from the serial! Thanks to Kausani Roy, playing the doc, and a member of the community, the fellow members got the opportunity to meet the Ekhane Akash Neel team at the sets at Technicians Studio 2 on December 18. The fans met their favourite hero Dr Ujan Chatterjee and Hiya, aka Rishi and Aparjita and watched the shoot. Nothing could make a community meet more fantastic.

Pictures courtesy: Abhijit Das, a serious amateur photographer by his own admission.

Description (Top to bottom): The Ekhane Akash Neel community members with Rishi and Aparajita (Pink gown) in the middle, Kausani (in white) flanked by fellow community members, Rishi-Aparajita and Rishi signing an autograph holding a flower bouquet presented to him by the members.


  1. Wow! The pics have come really good! Thanks for mentioning!

  2. Rrishii,
    U n Aparajita are mindblowing as an on screen couple. We the fans of EAN urnestly request the creatives to show us more interaction between Ujaan n Hiya. We watch the serial becoz of u two.EAN is a serial different from all the other soaps on air and we all hope it remains so till it is on air.EAN touches our soul, the dialogues,songs everything is so hearttouching.Ujaan n Hiya r made for one another,they rock n so does the serial EAN. LOVE U ALL, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Romit sen should play Cupid to Ujaan n Hiya otherwise we'll shoot him.We want to see Ujaan n Hiya in every episode , without them EAN is meaningless. LOVE MOUSHUMI.

  3. Hi Rrishii,
    I watch EAN just for u n Aparajita. The on screen chemistry between u two is Great. Don’t let Romit Sen to come in between u two. Please change your rude nature for your lady love Hiya and profess your love to her before it is too late. A Real Man always makes the first move don’t let ego destroy u ,don’t make Hiya cry so much she is too sweet and nice. You two are so different by nature, well opposite attracts. You are made for one another, no one should shake your determination of achieving your love Hiya. Don’t forget we the fans are in love with Ujaan n Hiya and we want to see them happy together.

    The creatives are doing a superb job, but lately the episodes have slowed down a bit please don’t make it like the other serials on air. EAN is DIFFERENT let it remain so.We want EAN to be a Feel Good serial and not a sad and disheartening one. EAN rocks and so Ujaan n Hiya.

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