The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Orkut Kolkata Club: Meet VI

Orkut Kolkata Club (Re: Earlier post Orkut Kolkata Club Meet IV) met for the sixth time last Sunday at rooftop in Arjun's apartment house. There were more than 30 of us who came to enjoy a Sunday afternoon among friends and make new ones. The meet followed the inaugural screening of Bangla Telefilm Club (Re: Earlier post Bangla Telefilm Club kickstarts) at the same venue attended by the same set of people.

The mix of backgrounds was eclectic as usual. Among faces new to me (I myself couldn't make it to meets IV and V) were Sanglap, a SRFTI editing student, Shreyas, working in circulation of city's top media house, Shyamashreedi, a senior member running a PR agency and an NGO, who is often called a 'Rocking mother' by her daughter's friends, Nayeesha, a TV anchor who was excited about her new break, Shiladiya who works in medical transcription, Prasenjit (Who just introduced himself as 'Ami Prasenjit' and was jokingly reprimanded by Arin and me that only Bengal's present superstar deserves to introduce himself that way), Amrapali and Anna who made a late entry. There were many other new friends who could not be mentioned here. As a rule, everyone introduced himself/ herself first to the group with name, where he/ she studied/ studies, what he/ she does and likes (Incl.creative skills like poetry writing, blogging etc).

Among older faces known to me were Anindya, Shaoni, Arin, the community owner and Tanmoy who's now the permanent moderator of OKC community. Hats off to Tanmoy for having the spirit to make it there with running fever.

Amrapali sponsored the food- a yummy butterscotch pastry from Monginis. It was complimented by a large bottle of Sprite- a treat from Anna for her new job in a MNC. Live singing performances from Shaoni who impressed us with her Baul rendition and Nayeesha took care of the entertainment quotient. We missed a lovestruck Arjun, the host who had an off and on presence.

Overall, it was one great afternoon ended in the evening. Little wonder why OKC's popularity graph is rising consistently. Due credits go to Arin for managing the club with infectious enthusiasm.

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