The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A funny take on Spiderman

In the wake of the release of the third coming of Spiderman, I came across a funny take on our dear Spidey on Orkut. It is how it will sound if the legendary Spiderman song is dubbed in Bangal (The Bengali dialect of Bangladesh, and to all Bengalis in and from Bengal the language of the Bangals or people from pre-partition East Bengal). Here it goes:

Spiderman, Spiderman
Dori dhoira jhuilo kyan
Poira gele bhangbe thyang
Spiderman, Spiderman.
Spiderman, Spiderman
Octopus er 8 ta thyang
Tomare dhorte aase kyan
Spiderman, Spiderman.

Spiderman, Spiderman
Biya korte dorao kyan
Mary Jane je tomar jaan
Spiderman, Spiderman.

Spiderman, Spiderman
Mukhosh feilya palao kyan
Dont be coward, be a man
Spiderman, Spiderman.

Tumi na thakle Spiderman
Mon-ta kore aan-chaan
Duniyar joto polapan
Tomare je chaay Spiderman.

Abar tumi aaila fire
New York City r ghore ghore
Box-office re korle maat
Spiderman jindabaad..!!

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