The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Feluda has got a new case

Today is indeed a happy day for all Feluda lovers in the know. The most popular Bengali sleuth on fiction got a new case to crack on screen.

After a painful gap of many a month since Tintorettor Jishu's last shot was canned and then its final schedule in Hong Kong never fell in place thanks to mismanagement at producer's end, Sandip Ray started his next full-length Feluda flick Kailashe Kelenkari yesterday, with the same cast of Sabyasachi, Parambrata and Bibhu Bhattacharya. The delay on Tintorettor Jishu was getting to the nerves of everyone concerned (Including the Feluda lovers), more so of Sandip. And when the possibility of the schedule to materialize dimmed down beyond hopes after a couple of postponements, he laid his hands on to the next chosen Feluda story for scripting. As it happened, another producer ( T Sarkar Productions who has produced the recent Hungama and is making Chorabali on Zee Bangla) had expressed interest to Sandip to make the next Feluda film after Tintorettor Jishu, followed by a Feluda film in a regular interval, hence he didn't have to look for a producer. Post a quick recce in Ellora caves where the climax will be shot, and ensuring all permissions are in place (Taking a hard lesson from the aborted Tintorettor Jishu) Sandip wasted no time in getting down to write the script.

It was beyond me why after a giant success like Bombaiyer Bombete, the first full-length Feluda film shot by Sandip (The third in the Feluda series), released in 2003, no one from the producer's fraternity saw enough merit (Common sense to be more apt) to produce the next Feluda film. On the other hand our film industry is always blaming lack of good stories to be made into films these days. While Hollywood leaves no stones unturned to run the legendary James Bond franchise, including remaking Casino Royale, we are so blissfully ignorant of our invaluable Feluda franchise which commands incredible loyalty across age groups still today and in Bengalis around the globe. A Feluda film can fetch an entire family to the theatre, which is an exceptional phenomenon today. Hence business-wise a Feluda film a safe bet any day. I don't exactly have a clue the way it is these days but in our teens and pre-teens no one's Bengali literary acumen was complete without a no. of Feluda short stories and novels. Feluda has been published in other languages, made on a series on national television produced by Satyajit Ray himself (The creator of Feluda) and recently a series has been made for BBC radio where Rahul Bose has played Feluda.

More on Feluda and Kailashe Kelenkari later. Meanwhile wishing all the very best to the unit of the film for a timely finish.

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