The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Madly Bangalee rocks!

After ‘The Bong Connection’ Anjan Dutta has finally made a film with his heart, something that can really connect with the audience. Its his best work by his own admission. ‘Madly Bangalee’, the first band film in Bengali, truly rocks, like a film of this genre should. It reminds me of the brilliant telefilms on ETV like ‘Amar Baba’, ‘Juddha’ made by Anjan years back. The core strengths of the film are a) superb performances by its mint-fresh, young lead cast playing members of the rock band the film revolves around, b) music by Neel Dutt and c) script and storytelling by Anjan. The actors in the lead cast making the rock band are actually from a Kolkata-based theatre group ‘Tin Can’ and know how to play the instruments they played in the film.

More than the youth spirit and rock music the film celebrates Kolkata, and that's what I absolutely love. That's what precisely makes it more relevant right here.

Go for it folks!!


  1. MADLY BANGALI is genuinely like a breath of fresh air. It surely is a wonderful entertainer from the director of THE BONG CONNECTION. Anjan Dutt has revisited his fond themes and milieu; to the viewers of his well-made telefilms, and especially, the tele-serial HALF CHOCOLATE, the film's premise or prerogatives are nothing new, yet the film is very much a validation of Anjan Dutt's skilful marration and handling of the film medium.

    The best aspects of the film: the brilliant musical score, the evocative cinematography, and the fresh cast. Tin Can is an amazing find! The actors cum musicians seem to have lived their roles! Veteran actress Supriya Devi's cameo enriches the film too. The secondar cast comprising a bunch of actors and actresses who have already made their mark on television also happens to be remarkable.

    A major letdown, however, is Anjan Dutt himself playing a pivotal role, which could have been given to someone like Joy Sengupta or even Suman Mukherjee (who I guess the director has used in the voice-cast), for a greater viewer-acceptabilty, and for the credibility of the final conflict with Pablo's character (those who have seen can easily understand what I am referring to).

    Anyhow, MADLY BANGALI is a well-made film that deserves to be seen. Period.

  2. Buddy, your comprehensive comment is so well-written that it is an understatement even to say that it has complimented my post. It is expected only from you. Hope it invites more comments from the readers.


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