The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Chander Pahar: A short take

Here's sharing my take on Chander Pahar (Posted on Facebook), which I watched last night in a night show (as tickets for two evening shows in the fourth week had sold out by afternoon in each of the two close by theatres in Hatibagan). Not sure when I can (and if I can) post a full-fledged review, so here it is, suitably edited:

Loved Chander Pahar....despite its flaws and the desperate, 'market-driven' attempt to be a mass product. Kudos to the makers - director Kamaleshwar Mukhopadhyay and Shree Venkatesh Films- for attempting something as different and as grand as this, and telling the world that we CAN do this!

The cinematography is at a different level! Looked like a Hollywood film in many a frame. Soumik Halder, take a bow! The background score (Indradeep Dasgupta and Debajyoti Mishra) and title track (Debajyoti Mishra) are also competent job.

Wish it was less over-simplistic ..... and the lion and black mamba scenes weren't as over the top. Too much of Bengali lines by the Europeans and Africans, including the tribes (making it unintentionally funny in places). A spattering of English and native language wouldn't be that difficult for the 'mass' audience to handle. The special effects in a couple of scenes could be better (especially the volcanic eruption)....but guys (to those finding it all tacky), ever imagined we could reach this level? And though look-wise Bunyip disappointed many a CP fan, I think imagination and execution-wise it was pretty good! We must allow creative liberties in cinema. So let's not judge a classic on screen by the deviations from the book. We need to spare a thought on how could it be to recreate such an old classic it in this age and appeal to audiences at an international level.

And yes, a word on Dev as Shankar. Well. it suffices to say that he has worked hard on the role, especially the look. Acting-wise, I expected Kamaleshwar to have a better job extracted from him. Yes, a star of his stature was probably needed to mass market a film on such a mammoth budget.

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  1. I strongly agree to the points put up. Overall a movie worth a watch, even for people not with a enormous appetite for Bengali films.This is a stepping stone and hope for more to come on its way.


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