The flavour of Kolkata

The flavour of Kolkata
The city is known for its old alleys. One such is shot by Atanu Pal.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A foodie's delight

Back to my favourite topic again. Food that is, me being a self-confessed foodie. Anup Kedia, a fellow foodie has posted a series of listings of Bengali and Kolkatan food on Orkut. Among them here's my chosen one which handpicks the best of the city's favourites from small but immensely popular and legendary eateries.

1. Kabiraji Cutlet from Regent (S N Banerjee Road).
2. Moghlai Parota from Anadi Cabin (S N Banerjee Road).
3. Kosha Mangsho from Golbari (Shyambazar).
4. Phulkopir Singara from Mrityunjoy (Lansdowne Rd).
5. Double Egg Chicken Roll from Kusum at Park Steet(Campari at Gariahat & Nizam at Esplanade are close contenders). Alas, Nizam is currently cloesd due to labour problem.
6. Chicken Rezala from Shabbir (Off C R Avenue at Chandni Chowk).
7. Steak at Oly pub (with beer!!).
8. Ujjala's Chanachur ( No comparison anywhere).
9. Telebhaja from Putiram (College Street). The only mistake. The shop is named Kalika and located near Putiram on Surya Sen Street.
10. Daab Chigri from Kewpies (Elgin Lane).
11. Chicken Cutlet from Baked & Fried/ Mukherjee Sweets (Ballygunge Place).
12. Bijoli Grill's Fish Roll.
13. Mochar Chop, Dhoka from Apanjan (Sadananda Road).
14. Boudir Lebu Cha (Deshapriya Park).
15. Kochuri & Tarkari from Tasty Corner (Mandeville Gardens).
16. Phuchka/ Churmur/ Doi Phuchka from Bilas or Boudi (Southern Avenue).
17. Chicken Cutlet near Samur (Bhowanipur).
18. Mishti Doi & Rosogolla from Mithai (Beckbagan).
19. Sandesh (all types, especially Naram pak & Ice cream sandesh) from Balaram (Bhowanipur).
20. Pantua from Banchharam.
21. Indrani from Ganguram.
22. Rabri from Chittaranjan.
23. Darbesh from Sen Mahasay.
24. Amritti from Bhim Nag/ Ganguram (Maniktala). Jalebis are no match.

The list looks like painstakingly compiled over a long time. Kudos to the compiler. Absolutely mouthwatering for every foodie Kolkatan.


  1. Awesome post! My mouth is watering already.

  2. GOD! how could i leave out chicken cutlets from baked n fried in my blog!! i just simply love that.... thanks for leaving a post on my blog "foodaholics" - im really happy I came across your amazing blog!! truly a foodie..... :)

  3. Good list! My personal opinions are -

    1. Moglai Porotha at Anadi Cabin is a history. Any para stall is better than what they serve now.
    2. Steak at Olypub is famous for other reasons and not because it tastes great.
    3. Aponjon I had recently and the quality was really poor. Mitra Cafe or Allen Kitchen over it any day.
    4. Golbari sadly have lost it too. But at least they are still not bad.
    4. Balaram is wonderful and they also experiment a lot but if you say Sandesh and Naram Paak in Kolkata the king is Nakur.
    5. Rosogolla from Mithai! There are too many sweet shops who are better than Mithai. Like my personal favorite is Chittaranjan.

    Keep adding :)

  4. Sumit, thanks a ton for your precious comment.

    I visited your lovingly created blog and found out that apart from food, we connect otherwise too.

    Would love to keep exchanging notes on food and Kolkata here and on your blog. Do spare some time on the other posts under 'Food' label here.

  5. Hi Anirban,

    Its good to know you liked my blog. I actually went through all your foodie posts and liked them very much. After reading the other posts I was actually expecting a more personal list from you. Will be going through other topics of this blog very soon too. Happy blogging


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